We are HUGE supporters of the unification of arts and culture organizations across our community. In 2018, Linda La Mantia, Alyssa Cigarroa and Telissa Molano founded the Laredo Cultural District in the pursuit of establishing an arts and culture district to be recognized by the Texas Commission on the Arts. In September 2021, The TCA officially recognized the Laredo Cultural District as the fiftieth cultural district.
The Laredo Cultural Districts boundaries include the 95 blocks of the central business district of downtown Laredo, 40 blocks of Avenida San Bernardo as well as the historic Fort McIntosh on the Laredo College Campus. This provides the most area to encompass and include as many non-profits, organizations and businesses that can benefit from being included in the District. The District takes all the cultural assets - historic, arts, cultural, museums, environmental assets and more to make a destination for cultural tourism as well as an opportunity to benefit artists and create local pride. Learn more

Local arts organizations rely on donors and volunteer power. We are committed to assisting the Laredo Theater Guild for the past decade. During this time, we have provided set design services pro-bono for over 22 productions both at Texas A&M International University and Laredo College Fine & Performing Arts Centers. This includes working with the production team and artistic director as well as the producers to create a set within the selected venue, timeframe and budget. As a participating board member and current President, Telissa Molano continues to help pass on the love of community-driven theater to the next generation.